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Custom knowledge base for your software,
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How to time-block between two calendars

We all have multiple calendars. How do you make sure you block off time in your primary calendar based on events created in your secondary calendar so that there is no scheduling conflict?
Luckily, you can easily do that with

Step 1

Go to "Calendar Sync" > "All Syncs".

Step 2

Click on "Start syncing your calendars".

Step 3

Choose the account of your secondary calendar, and the calendar you would like to block time from in the "Sync from" tab.

If you don't see your account, you can click "Add account".

Step 4

Choose the account of your primary calendar, and the calendar you use primarily in the "Sync to" tab. Once done, click on "Next: Preferences".

Step 5

Specify your calendar settings, then click on "Start Syncing".

That's it! You are now time-blocking between two calendars

No longer will you experience scheduling conflict between multiple calendars. Start time-blocking your calendars with today!

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